What makes a recording vital? What characteristics define the passing of significant feeling and thought in a subtle blend of gift and technical proficiency? On Noël/It's Just a Phase you'll find more going on with each listen - beyond infectious melodies and "I gotta dance NOW!" grooves, there is thought, and deep, deep emotion. Each song on this first effort is effused with personal experience, personal exploration and a celebration of personal triumph over challenge. In an age of overwhelming apathy, this record grows like a vine - reaching toward the light

Being a female illusionist is not about mere acting. It is an acquisition of all aspects of gender trait, more of a metamorphosis than a costume change. This being said, however, the transformation takes no less than four hours to complete. Noël, recognizing the great history of glamour in entertainment, doesn't disappoint. Designer clothing, and stunning accessories halo a gifted vocal talent and a shrewd ability to coin a melodic phrase.

The initial compact disc production run of Noël/It's Just a Phase will be less than 2000 units.  They are available in select retail outlets, but for more detailed ordering information, just click on Iris Productions logo anywhere and e-mail us. We'll get back to you promptly. Wanna know more? Click on the "reflections you see line" below, or the glamour doll button below.

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