What does it take to make a recording of songs from the heart?
How long does it take to go the process of creation, reviewing, and revising?
How much effort does it take to organize a team to deal with all the technical issues of modern CD production?

Witness Tree is a labor of love, perserverance and above all, character.  Tracy Tomasi has been giving audiences
the gift of her voice for over twenty years.  With Witness Tree the permanent record of this formidable talent has
been made.  For information on how to acquire your own copy, please email us.  In the meantime, please take a tour
through the website, and get a bit more familiar with Witness Tree.  Several of the Lyrics are linked to MP3 versions
of the songs.  Run your mouse over and you'll see your cursor change to a link option.
Right click to save, left click to stream.Please remember that MP3 is a less
than desireable format; the fidelity of tracks from the CD is incredible.

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