[NEW]  Lark - an irresistable new CD by Meg Chambers

Witness Tree - an unforgettable CD by Tracy Tomasi

It's Just a Phase - intriguing, groovacious music by Noel

Xing - a new CD, a new interpretation by Noel

Meaning -  Peter Bruce Wilder

Of Paper and Strings -  Peter Bruce Wilder

Full Moon Tide - a new instrumental CD by Peter Bruce Wilder
(coming soon!)

Swimming On The Moon - soundtrack to the motion picture
(coming soon!)

Cactus - ranting and raving by Peter Bruce Wilder

Wheel - a 25 year anthology of songwriting by Peter Bruce Wilder

Notes in the Air - Award Winning Music for Television by Peter Bruce Wilder


Tundra Records Group was formed to record and support talented artists in their ongoing quest for artistic and professional recognition.  Specializing in singer-songwriters, Tundra has been directly involved with the creation of over a dozen independent releases.   The company is always on the look out for talent that matches it's production sensibilities.  Demonstration recordings are welcome.  Please contact us at:
Tundra Records Group
P.O. Box 302
Hyde Park, Vermont 05655-0302
(802) 888-7063

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